Adjustable & Reflective Training Harness & Leash

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Allowing your cat to have safe outdoor experiences is a great way to enrich your kitty’s life and let him exercise his natural instincts.  

This escape proof vest harness and leash comes in a choice of juicy colors!

Size Neck Chest Leash Length
XS 11.02-12.6"/28-32CM 12.99-16.53"/33-39CM 150 cm
S 11.81-13.78"/30-35CM 14.96-17.32"/38-44CM 150 cm


  • Made of breathable mesh material, which is light and thin.
  • The I-shaped chest and back conform to your cat's body shape. It fits the pet's body well, without restraint and pressure. 
  • The chest strap is equipped with a 150cm length leash.
  • Material: Buckskin / soft imitation deerskin with reflective strip edging.
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