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Sometimes they’re cute, and sometimes they’re creepy, but a film is always more interesting with a feline element.

This unique cat wall art pays tribute to numerous wonderful whiskered stars of film.

Are you – or someone else in your life - a dedicated cinephile? Film lovers and cat lovers can celebrate their two passions with this original cat wall art which pays tribute to the many feline film stars seen throughout the history of the silver screen. Here are just a few of the fabulous four-legged stars featured...


  • Pepper was the first feline movie star and the most famous cat in silent cinema. She was popular enough with audiences that she got on-screen credit and her name included on movie posters. She could learn to do tricks and was a very smart cat, even playing checkers. Pepper's movie career lasted 16 years until her death in 1928.
  • Puzzums was the first — and only — feline to sign a studio contract. Literally, he signed with his paw print dipped in ink. He was trained to cross his eyes, suck from a bottle, and laugh on command. Today, it can be difficult to track down much of Puzzums’ work. Many of his films are lost. When he died of a tooth infection in 1934, Puzzums was granted a lavish funeral.
  • Rhubarb is one of the most iconic cat movies ever made and notable for launching the impressive career of cat actor Orangey. 
  • Poor no-name slob: He belongs to nobody, and nobody belongs to him. Holly Golightly’s unnamed cat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the ultimate film feline, a fluffy orange sweetheart who, like most cats, observes everything around him with a sort of passive disapproval.
  • Syn is a cat actor with real screen presence who shines in his role in The Incredible Journey as Tao. Walt Disney must have noticed this as well, because Syn would later star in the Disney film That Darn Cat! alongside Hayley Mills, earning him a place on our cat wall art.
  • The tabby on Don Corleone’s lap from The Godfather underscores Corleone’s soft, unassuming exterior — but remember, cats have hidden claws.
  • Poor Church from Pet Sematary kicks the bucket — only to return from the dead and terrorize his former family. It's not his fault he was laid to rest in a cursed burial ground!!
  • Evil’s hairless sphinx companion Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers series is nearly as evil his owner. After all, when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people die.
  • Jinx is pivotal to many of the crazy happenings in ‘Meet The Parents’ & ‘Meet The Fockers.’ He’s also one of the most memorable cat actors in modern film history.                     

Museum grade 175 gsm fine art paper, printed with top tier pigmented archival inks for bright & intense colors that will not fade.

Matte finish for indoor use only.

Care: If poster gathers any dust, wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.

Posters can be hung with double-sided tape, tacks or framed.

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