Brown Bengal Area Rug

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Bonkers about Bengals? Then you’ll adore this awesome area rug.

Exhibit your passion for the beautiful Bengal breed & express your style with this cool cat rug. A Bengal cat's coat is what sets it apart from all other felines, and they are prized for their boldly patterned pelts. In fact, this is the only breed that can have rosette markings that directly reflect their wild Asian leopard ancestry. With its distinctive spotted or marbled coat, the Bengal looks like a wild cat on the prowl. With eye-popping coat colors and patterns, it's no surprise that these beautiful animals have quickly become one of the most popular breeds in the world, outpacing others that have been around for generations. The inspiration for this carpet is taken directly from the spotting, rosetting and marbling of my own fur baby, Arthur.

If you love the softness of carpets, but aren’t a big fan of that “wall-to-wall” look, this cat rug offers the perfect design solution. Many people use area rugs to help “tie a room together,” instantly creating a focal point. Like the Bengal, this unique floor covering will add a fun-loving, playful element to your home – not to mention some sassy style!

  • Make your space quieter. Rugs have a sound-dampening effect, which means that they help to reduce noise. That’s a major bonus for families and pet owners; after all, who wouldn’t enjoy some extra peace and quiet?
  • Protect your floors from damage. Furniture, pet claws, and other sharp or heavy objects can gouge deep, unsightly scratches into your floors. Area rugs offer a simple, attractive solution.
  • Warm up your space. If you live in a cooler part of the country, you know how much that heating bill can hurt your wallet — especially during those brutal winter months. Heat your home more efficiently and affordably by using an area rug to trap warmth and make your space feel cozier.
  • 100% Polyester Chenille
  • Hemmed edges: The product is sewn around the edges, making the rug more sturdy & a coated backing.
Care Instructions:

Spot clean only; Dry-clean.

Purrrfect For Those Who Are Bonkers For Bengals!

The first time you see a Bengal cat roaming through your house, you might think a jungle cat has broken in. That's because this spectacular pussycat sports a spotted or marbled coat that looks a lot like a wild leopard or ocelot. This pattern for this fabulous cat rug is taken directly from the spotting, rosetting and marbling of my own fur baby, Arthur. Create a focal point to your interior, add some sassy style, set the stage for your sanctuary and celebrate the beauty of this breed’s pelt with this original floor covering.