Brown Bengal Pillow

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Set the stage for your sanctuary with this throw pillow celebrating the beautiful Bengal breed’s unique coat.

Are you bonkers about Bengals? Exhibit your passion for this beautiful breed & express your style. Whether for the couch or guest bed, this cool cat pillow will add a touch of color to your interior design & make an excellent throw cushion.

A Bengal cat's coat is what sets him apart from all other felines, and they are prized for their boldly patterned pelts. In fact, this is the only breed that can have rosette markings that directly reflect their wild Asian leopard ancestry. With its distinctive spotted or marbled coats, the Bengal looks like a wild cat on the prowl.

Room accents shouldn’t be underrated. The inspiration for this cat pillow is taken directly from the spotting, rosetting and marbling of my own fur baby, Arthur. Like the Bengal, this attractive accessory will add a fun-loving, playful element to your home – not to mention some sassy style! With eye-popping coat colors and patterns, it's no surprise that theses cool cats have quickly become one of the most popular breeds in the world, outpacing others that have been around for generations.

Available in 4 sizes:

14 x 14”. 16 x 16”, 18 x 18”, 20 x 20”

  • 100% Spun Polyester cover
  • 100% Polyester pillow goes inside the cover & is made from recycled polyester
  • Concealed beige plastic zipper with metal head
  • Comfy & durable
Care Instructions:
  • Machine wash max 40°C (104°F), normal cycle.
  • Remove the pillow cover. Pre-treat the stains with soft cloth or bristle brush that has been soaked in warm soapy water. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not dry-clean. Iron, steam, or dry low heat only.
  • Fluff to reshape when assembling it back together.
The Purrrfect Gift For Those Who Are Bonkers For Bengals!

Looking for a unique gift to give a Bengal cat lover, or perhaps you have your own fierce fur baby? Then this classy cat pillow is the perfect present for them (for you!) Room accents shouldn't be underrated. This indoor cushion featuring a unique print of the beautiful Bengal breed's pelt will serve as an original statement accessory, creating a personalized environment. The first time you see a Bengal cat roaming through your house, you might think a jungle cat has broken in. That's because this spectacular pussycat sports a spotted or marbled coat that looks a lot like a wild leopard or ocelot. The pattern for this throw pillow is taken directly from the spotting, rosetting and marbling of my own fur baby, Arthur.

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